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Orr & Reno's long term vitality is enhanced by adding new associates each year. The firm typically hires two or three summer associates and employs law students during the school year. The firm hires most of its entry-level lawyers from these programs.

Summer associates and law students enjoy broad exposure to legal practice while at Orr & Reno, working with a variety of attorneys and projects. Summer associates see what lawyers really do by attending depositions, hearings, trials, and client meetings. Summer associates also socialize with attorneys outside the office: barbecues, Red Sox games, hikes, bike rides, and impromptu get-togethers are all part of the mix.

Orr & Reno selects exceptional law students with excellent academic backgrounds and broad interests who are committed to the highest professional standards. Our goal is not just to hire the best and the brightest, but to retain them as well. Each newly-hired associate works closely with a mentor, who strives to help the associate professionally and personally. Mentors use a time-proven combination of direct experience, client contact, and daily interaction with accomplished colleagues. Mentors also train our associates in the nuts and bolts issues of client service, business development, and practice management.

From the beginning, associates work directly with clients and participate in depositions, court hearings, closings, negotiations, mediations, and client meetings. Our optimal size enables associates to work with partners in a wide variety of practice areas during their first two to three years with the firm, after which an associate generally begins to concentrate on his or her practice.

The firm offers salaries that are competitive with those at New Hampshire's other leading firms, along with generous benefits. Our child care and parental leave policies are among the most progressive in northern New England.
The firm's Hiring Committee is headed by Attorney Jeffrey C. Spear.

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Jeremy D. Eggleton Associates Program Reminiscence
By Jeremy D. Eggleton

“I was extraordinarily happy to be a summer associate at Orr & Reno. I was at a stage in life where Big Law in Boston or New York was not as appealing as it might have been a few years earlier. I really wanted to return to New Hampshire and establish myself—yet at the same time, I did not want to sacrifice the kind of challenging and sophisticated legal practice that many of my law school classmates had at large city firms. During my summer at Orr & Reno, I was given real responsibility on some very interesting litigation—including two constitutional challenges to New Hampshire statutes, one of which was ultimately just addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court in Sorrell v. IMS Health. 

The work I did for these cases was not focused on, say, one particular motion or small slice of what was at issue. Instead, I was able to participate in the big picture legal work that moved the matter forward. I also had plenty of exposure to transactional and business practice, so the variety of work was challenging. I was not seeking a wining-dining experience, the Spamalot Summer that some of my friends had, but Orr & Reno made sure that I was able to enjoy the fruits of summer in New Hampshire all the same. But for me, the real benefit of working here during my 2L summer was the work itself. I had genuine responsibility for actual clients, in cases where my work product mattered, under the tutelage of some of the best practitioners in a state with many fine attorneys.”