Launching a business? O2 for Entrepreneurs delivers the key legal guidance you’ll need.

Our team can help breathe life into your start-up, with a range of bundled, flat-fee services for company formation, intellectual property protection, tax strategy, crowd funding, and more. We know the challenges you’re facing — and how to make sure you’re off and running on the right foot. Technology based. Value priced. Fast.

At Orr & Reno, your business can benefit from our business lawyers' experience and in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industries.

Our seasoned specialists work hard to learn your business - helping your decision-makers aim higher, plan better, and achieve your strategic goals on schedule. The result? Your business can move ahead with confidence, thanks to Orr & Reno's deep regional expertise and broad global reach.

Orr & Reno's energy practice group has more than 75 years of combined experience representing the interests of today's energy sector.

We help a broad range of client organizations like yours do a better job at every stage of the project - from development and permitting to environmental issues, operation, and taxation. Our skilled, knowledgeable team of energy law experts works hard to make your job easier and more productive.

Things changing too fast? At Orr & Reno, our seasoned health care lawyers can help you navigate today's health care laws and regulations.

From operations and finance to malpractice cases and risk management, Orr & Reno has helped health care organizations like yours look farther ahead, chart a better course, and sail with more confidence for over 25 years. Our team understands the challenges you face - and the goals you aspire to.

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